Hospice Services

Comprehensive, specialized hospice care when focus shifts from curative treatments to quality of life. Hospice care is provided for patients with a life expectancy of up to six months, if the illness runs its expected course. Since everyone is different, diseases can be hard to predict; patients may stay on hospice care longer than six months or be discharged if their condition improves.

Who Decides When Hospice Is Right For You?

You decide, it’s that simple. While hospice is reserved for those who have a prognosis of six months or less to live (as determined by a physician), you make the decision based on a recommendation by your physician and with input from your loved ones. You can also later decide to discontinue hospice services should you wish to seek curative therapies. It’s that easy.

Services We Provide

With a strong emphasis on medical management, Bridge Hospice routinely delivers the following: