Hospice Medical Social Worker

Full time
Located at: Corona Home Branch
Territory: Temecula
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Job description

Job Description

Applicant will be responsible for assessing the psychosocial needs of patients and for providing information and identifying resources to assist the patient and family with issues relating to terminal illness, disease processes and needs within the home. Knowledge and/or experience with end-of-life care and one year experience as a licensed social worker in a health care setting, required.


Patient Care

  • Assists the patient, significant others, physician, and health care team to understand significant personal, emotional, environmental, and social factors related to the patient’s health status on as needed basis
  • Contributes as a health care team member to the development of a comprehensive, integrated Plan of Care for patients on a daily basis.
  • Instructs health care team members on community resources available to assist patients on a as needed basis.
  • Visits patient according to Plan of Care; completes a clinical note for each visit; and submits clinical notes to the agency on a daily basis.
  • The MSW will give daily report to the Administrator regarding patient visits to ensure continuity of the Care Management process.
  • Plans for continuity of care with hospitals and community agencies on an as needed basis.Assesses social and emotional factors related to patient’s illness to determine ability to cope with daily living problems on as needed basis.
  • Assists the patient and significant others to understand, accept and follow medical recommendations on as needed basis


  • Master Degree in Social Work.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in Social Work in a healthcare setting.
  • Current CPR Certification.
  • Must have a valid drivers license and current automobile insurance.
  • Basic understanding of age-related differences in caring for and communicating with patients of this type.
  • Must possess the ability to work independently without supervision.
  • Effective problem-solver and use good judgment in difficult situations.
  • Must possess personal sensitivity to the needs and experiences of others and a non-judgmental attitude towards persons of differing standards, values, lifestyles, and ages. Is responsible for adhering to all practice standards as they apply to patient care.

Qualification requirements

Experience requirements